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Aquarium & Imported Tropical Fish Shop

As importers of aquarium fish, we offer an extensive range

of exotic tropical freshwater fish, marine fish and goldfish.

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Welcome to Seaview Aquarium Centre

We have all your needs covered to help you create your own unique aquarium or pond set up.

Our staff are always here to help! Dont hesitate to ask us any questions no matter how big or small.

The team in our shop in Adelaide are professionally trained to maintain fish tanks & we import most of our tropical fish requirements.

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237 Anzac Highway, PLYMPTON

South Australia 5038



On Sale now

At this point in time, we regret to advise that shipping is not available for the following regions via our online store:

- Northern & Middle Western Australia  
- Northern Territory  
- Northen, Middle & Near Queensland

For deliveries to these areas, please call the shop between 9:30am - 6:00pm ACST/ACDT on (08) 8371 0380 to organise specialty shipping fees.

We thank you for your understanding!