Introducing the Red Sea ReefRun Family

Merry Christmas!

Meet the ReefRun family
with quiet & energy-efficient ReefRun DC Pumps and game-changing self-levelling REEFER DC Skimmers, both of which can be controlled together from a single ReefRun Dual Controller.  Now you can combine them into your ReefBeat eco-system for more efficient reef-keeping, and finally feed your corals by pressing only one button!

The smart REEFER DC Skimmers include patent-pending self-levelling technology that prevents both; over-skimming, and collection cups from spilling over once they're full while continuing to aerate the water.

If you have a standard REEFER Skimmer, you can turn it into a smart REEFER DC Skimmer with an upgrade kit.

The new ReefRun DC Pumps are powerful, super quiet, energy efficient, and come with 360-degree rotating outlets, inlet flow guides to block air from the water surface, extra-long power cables with connectors next to the pumps for easy maintenance, and a 5-year warranty.

The ReefRun Dual Controller offers great value for money and flexibility as it operates up to two ReefRun devices. It can run either a REEFER DC Skimmer and a ReefRun DC Pump, or two ReefRun DC Pumps, so once you’ve purchased your first ReefRun device and a Controller, you’ve already got the second device covered at a significant saving!

Check it out:

REEFER DC Skimmer features:

  • Patent-pending Self-leveling technology prevents both; over-skimming and the collection cup from spilling over once it’s full, while continuing to aerate the water 
  • A customized daily schedule of active and inactive skimming periods
  • Quiet operation
  • Energy-efficient with lower running costs

ReefRun DC Pump features:

  • 360-degree rotating outlet 
  • Inlet flow guide
  • 3.8 meter power cable with connector next to pump 
  • Quiet operation
  • Energy-efficient with lower running costs

REEFER DC Specifications: 


REEFER DC Skimmer 300

REEFER DC Skimmer 600

REEFER DC Skimmer 900







Mixed Reef (L)





flow (lph)

500 / 1000

750 / 1500

900 / 2000


PSK-DC 1200 Pump (W)





ReefRun DC Pump Specifications: 


ReefRun DC Pump 5500

ReefRun DC Pump 7000

ReefRun DC Pump 9000


Flow rates lph

2000 - 5500

3000 - 7000

4000 - 9000


Max Head m






10 - 40

20 - 65

30 - 95


The ReefRun family of products will be available as of early 2023.
For more details about the ReefRun family, see our product page.

Happy Reefkeeping,
The Red Sea Team