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Freshwater Shrimp: A Beginners Guide

Shrimp are fascinating and beautiful aquatic creatures that have become increasingly popular in the aquarium hobby. While they can be sensitive to water conditions and other factors, with the right care and attention, they can thrive in a well-maintained aquarium. Here are some tips for keeping shrimp happy and healthy in your tank.

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Successfully Growing Aquarium Plants

Growing and maintaining a freshwater planted aquarium is not a difficult task, thanks to the technology and access to information that has made it easier to keep fish and plants healthy. To replicate a natural environment in your aquarium, live plants are essential. Besides looking nice, they promote a balanced ecosystem and provide many benefits, such as producing oxygen and consuming CO2, preventing algae growth, and keeping your fish healthy by providing them with an engaging environment.

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Keeping an Axolotl: A Comprehensive Guide

Axolotls are fascinating and unique aquatic creatures that make excellent pets for experienced aquatic hobbyists. They are known for their ability to regenerate limbs, their unusual appearance, and their relatively easy care requirements. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to keep an axolotl healthy and happy.

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We now know why the Glass Catfish Shimmers

The ghost catfish, a small aquarium fish native to rivers in Thailand, is known for its transparent skin that allows us to see its internal organs. However, when the light hits it just right, its body displays a shimmering iridescent glow that flickers with rainbow colors.

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How to setup a Reef Aquarium

Setting up a reef aquarium is a more advanced form of aquarium keeping that requires a bit more knowledge and equipment. However, with proper planning and care, a reef aquarium can be a beautiful and fascinating hobby. Here are the steps to get started:

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