Angelfish/Discus Ceramic Breeding Log

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This hollow, natural-looking log stump serves a dual purpose, functioning as both a breeding cone and an attractive aquarium ornament.


  • Height: 23cm approx.

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The Angel/Discus Ceramic Breeding Log offers a versatile solution for aquarists seeking to enhance both breeding success and aesthetics within their tank. This multifunctional ceramic ornament provides a safe and natural-looking haven for breeding angelfish and discus fish, while also doubling as a visually appealing decoration for your underwater world.

Unveiling the Functionality:

  • Breeding Haven: The design creates an ideal spawning site for angelfish and discus.
  • Improved Hatching Rates: The ceramic material provides a clean and hygienic surface for egg development, potentially leading to higher hatching rates for your fish fry.
  • Naturalistic Appeal: The realistic log stump design with a hollowed-out center seamlessly integrates into your aquascape, mimicking a natural element found in underwater environments.
  • Durable and Long-lasting: Crafted from high-quality ceramic, this breeding log is resistant to fading and wear, ensuring long-lasting functionality and visual appeal within your tank.

Additional Benefits:

  • Suitable for Various Aquariums: The size (approximately 23cm high) makes it suitable for a variety of freshwater aquarium setups.

More Than Just a Breeding Tool:
The Angel/Discus Ceramic Breeding Log transcends its functional purpose. This versatile aquarium ornament adds a touch of natural beauty and visual interest to your underwater world, while potentially serving as a safe haven for your fish.

Additional tips:

  • Place the breeding log in a quiet area of your aquarium with minimal water flow.
  • Consider using the breeding log as a hiding place for shy or community fish.

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