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API 7 Day Pyramid Vacation Feeder





Product Description

Suitable for tropical, coldwater and marine fish. Features secret chambers containing spirulina algae and food pellets which open up midway through the feeding cycle.



Place the 7 Day Pyramid Fish Feeder in your aquarium. It will immediately start to dissolve, giving off a fine stream of bubbles. Within a few hours, the first nourishing food pellets will begin to swell and push out of the pyramid. On or about the 4th day, a secret chamber in the feeder will open, releasing a spirulina algae cube for a surprise midweek treat.


NOTE: In very hard water, dissolving time may increase.

Do not use in fishbowls or aquariums without adequate filtration and aeration, as water circulation is needed for the pyramid to dissolve properly. Avoid placing the feeder in the direct flow of the aquarium filter as it may dissolve too quickly.


One pyramid will feed 20 average sized fish in a 40 litre aquarium for 7- 10 days.