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API Calcium Test Kit







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  • Directions

Monitoring calcium levels is essential for keeping a successful reef aquarium. Corals and reef invertebrates, such as shrimp, crabs, mollusks and encrusting algae require calcium to grow and maintain healthy.


The calcium levels drop, as it is used by invertebrates or as it reacts with excess phosphate.


Test kit includes:

1x calcium test solution

1x glass test tubes

1x instruction booklet

Fill a test tube to the indicated line with aquarium water. Holding the calcium test solution vertically above the test tube, add 10 drops of solution 1 and cap the lid. Shake well for 10 seconds.


Shake test solution bottle 2 for 10 seconds and then add bottle 2, drop by drop and watch the colour change from pink to blue. Inbetween drops, shake the test tube well.


Be sure to count the number of drops added. As the endpoint reaches, the colour will normally change from pink to purple before it changes to blue. After the purple colour forms, only 1-2 more drops should be required to reach the blue endpoint.