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API KH Carbonate Hardness Mini Test Kit







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KH (carbonate hardness) helps to stabilise the pH in the aquarium. Water with low KH is susceptible to rapid pH shifts, greatly stressing fish and increasing the risk of disease.


Suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums.


Test kit includes:

1x KH test solution

1x glass test tubes

1x instruction booklet

Fill the test tube to the indicated line with aquarium water. Holding the test solution bottle vertically, add the KH solution one drop at a time. Be sure to count the number of drops being added. Cap the test tube and invert several times after each drop.


The test is completed when the water in the test tube, after having been shaken, turns from blue to yellow. The KH is determined by the number of drops of test solution that must be added to turn the water in the test tube to turn from blue to bright yellow.


i.e. four drops of KH solution (the amount of drops it took to turn the solution from blue to yellow) = a KH level of 4