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API pH Test Kit





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The API pH Test Kit monitors pH to maintain healthy freshwater conditions in your tank.

pH control is imperative to prevent the harmful effects of overly alkaline or acidic aquarium water on fish and plant life, so take a few minutes each week to maintain and monitor your pH conditions with this easy-to-use kit!

Tests read pH from 6.0 – 7.6, and will help you quickly and easily determine whether your levels are too high or too low.

We recommend that you take a few minutes each week to monitor your aquarium conditions and create a better underwater world for your fish.
Maintaining the aquarium at the proper pH ensures optimal water quality.
The pH should be tested weekly, since natural materials in the aquarium (such as fish waste and uneaten food) can cause pH shifts.

Testing your aquarium water has never been so easy or accurate!

A pH reading of 7.0 is neutral.
A pH higher than 7.0 is alkaline, and a pH lower than 7.0 is acidic.

Test Kit Includes:

1x pH solution
1x glass test tube
1x colour chart


Adjusters sold separately.


Fill test tube to indicated line with aquarium water.
Add 3 drops of pH test solution to the tube.
Cap tube and shake well.
A comparison to the colour chart may be made immediately.

Make adjustments gradually to the aquarium if needed.
Keep in mind that some fish are more sensitive to pH adjustments.
It is recommended that you check the pH level again 30 minutes after an adjustment is made, this will acknowledge if further adjustments are needed.