Aqua Medic 4 Stage Platinum Line Plus 24V (Reverse Osmosis)

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400 l/day
For the purification and production of soft and desalted water for salt and freshwater aquaria.

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400 l/day

For the production of soft and desalted water for salt and freshwater aquaria
For spraying in terraria and many other applications.

RO Output depends on water pressure & temperature.
The platinum line plus reverse osmosis system is a compact and versatile top quality unit.

This system is equipped with three large 10" prefilter housings.

  • 1 x 5µm Sediment Cartridge
  • 1 x Combi Sediment/A-Carbon Cartridge
  • 1 x Demineralization Resin Cartridge

Final stage is the membrane.
The heart of the unit, made from the latest generation of TFC (polyamide / polysulfone) is responsible for providing the highest quality treated RO water.

The supplied Oil Filled Pressure Gauge continuously shows the operating pressure.

All components, the filter housings and the membrane module are mounted on a stable powder-coated bracket.

The unit has a 24v DC high pressure pump and RO Control Unit.
Control Unit displays TDS and indicated various operation functions.

A flush valve and can deliver a high efficiency of pure water compared to waste water in a ratio of approximately 1: 1.

Approximately 99% of the salt is removed.

Fully automatic back flushing and continuous TDS monitoring of the pure water ensures this unit will require little maintenance.

Comes with:

1 x PTFC 200 Membrane
Provides the highest quality treated water.

1 x  10" housing with:
Prefilter Sediment Filter
Collects and retains all particles larger than 5µm.

1 x 10" housing with:
Combined Carbon / Sediment Filter Cartridge.
Protects the membrane by removing chlorine.

1 x 10" housing with:
Ion Exchange Resin Cartridge.
The resin changes colour to indicate the efficacy of the filter material.
When the conductivity of desalted osmosis water begins to rise again, the resin turns from blue to green and needs to be renewed.


Replacement Cartridges are available.