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Aqua Natural Betta World Midnight 350g





  • Description

Betta World substrates are an amazing way to show off your magnificent Siamese Betta Fish.
Our exclusive range of all natural products are the eco-friendly way of adding attractive tones and warmth to your display.

All our substrates are completely safe for use in any aquarium and will have minimal affect on water chemistry.
100% Natural

Betta World substrates are eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Rinse before use.
Australian Made

How much substrate to purchase
For a planted tank we suggest approx 5cm depth.

Directions for use
Simply rince before use.
Spread substrate evenly and fill with water slowly. 
Once the tank is filled start your filter. Any cloudy appearance should clear within a few hours.
For excellent plant growth it is recommended to spread a granule mineral fertiliser as a sub layer before adding the Aqua Natural aquarium substrate.

Aqua Natural is a world leader in both freshwater and marine aquarium substrates, natural decor and other aquarium products.