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Aqua Natural Iwagumi Amazonia 3.5kg





  • Description

Iwagumi translates to "rock formation" in Japanese and is a style of aquarium in which rock is the centrepiece.
It allows the unique and rugged beauty of the stone to take centre stage.

The hardscape is the main focus in this style of aquarium; therefore we want to bring you substrate that compliments the natural beauty, precision and elegance required for this bold aquascaping style.

AquaNATURAL Iwagumi Substrate's is the substrate of choice, defining elegance in rock formations.

  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Aqua Safe
  • 100% Sustainable

Aqua Natural’s unique and authentic range of Iwagumi substrates are recognized as the products of choice by professional aquascapers and hobbyists around the world.
Great care has been taken by our master designers to deliver you the perfect natural scenery for use in Iwagumi and Oliver Knott style aquariums, biotope aquariums, terrariums, bonsai and traditional Japanese rock gardens.