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Aqua One African Onion Plant

Prices start from $5.70




Product Description

After much research and careful design, PLANT LIFE has arrived. These unique designs have been created to look like amazingly beautiful plants from the worlds oceans and lakes. Each plant replicates the colour and form of an existing live species.


Never has it been so easy to design a fresh or saltwater aquarium with compelling arrangements of life-like forms. Combine different colours, shapes and heights of PLANT LIFE for an incredibly natural aquascape. Save yourself the worry of maintain real plants that fish are bound to uproot or eat. PLANT LIFE requires very little maintenance.



Realistic silk leaves.

weighted resin-rock bases to maintain plant position.



Wash plants gently in warm clean water (DO NOT use detergent or cleaners of any type). Arrange groupings of several styles and sizes together and gently push plant base into the aquarium substrate.