Aqua One Air Line Suction Cups (6pk)

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Aqua One Airline Suction Cups (6pk)
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These suction cups are perfect for keeping your airline in place in your aquarium or on any glass surface.
They are made with soft and strong suction cups that will securely hold your airline in place, even in currents.

The suction cups are easy to install and remove.
Simply place them on the glass surface where you want to position your airline, and then press down firmly. The suction cups will create a strong seal that will keep your airline in place.

These suction cups are clear, so they will not detract from the appearance of your aquarium.
They also have an holder that will keep your airline securely in place.

This product comes in a pack of 6 suction cups.


  • Easy to install
  • Clear with elastic holder
  • 6 pack


  • Keeps your airline in place
  • Securely holds your airline in place, even in currents
  • Easy to remove
  • Does not detract from the appearance of your aquarium
  • Provides a secure and convenient way to hold your airline in place

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