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Aqua One Aquarium Heater Protector






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Aqua One Heater Protectors are designed to increase the life of your heater.


They will protect the heater from any unforeseen accidents such as falling on rocks or aggressive fish.


Aqua One Heater Protectors cannot guarantee that your heater will not break, but they will give your heater a far greater protection than leaving the heater exposed.


The Heater protector is capable of fitting other brands of heaters. The Heater Protector is designed to fit any sized heater up to a maximum diameter of 24mm and length of 350mm. You can shorten the length of the black sleeve by turning the sleeve anti-clockwise from the top one third of the protector.


Suitable for 25W-300W heaters.

If you have already used your heater, unplug it and insert it into the heater cover. You may need to remove your current heaters suctions brackets as the Aqua One Heater Protector comes supplied with suction cups. Ensure that you have the electrical lead and thermostat control above the top of the protector. It is advised that you always turn the heater off during water changes.