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Aqua One AquaStyle 620 Gloss Finish BLACK

Prices start from $341.50





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62 x 39 x 52cm
90 Litres

The Aqua One AquaStyle Range of aquariums caters to the beginners through to the advanced fish keeper.


Featuring a stylish bow front design, the AquaStyle 620 holds 90 litres.


The AquaStyle Range features suitable technology, with a easy to maintain 3 stage top filter. The cartridge system is simple and fool proof - just replace the cartridge and sponges as needed.  


The updated 620 now features an energy efficient LED light unit under a hinged hood. The impeccable lighting system offers greater control over aquarium lighting. This new technology features a two way single switch. Choose from 'All lights' (RGB) to promote lush plant growth as well as intensifying the natural colours of your fish OR 'Blue only' otherwise known as moonlight for a soft look, ideal for use at night. 


Volume Glass Thickness


(L x W x H) cm

Filter Flow Rate Light Wattage
90 Litres 5mm 62 x 39 x 52 cm 550 l/ph 16W LED


All filter media is included:

2x Carbon cartridge

2x Sponge pad

Ceramic Noodles

Filter wool

The AquaStyle matching cabinet range (sold separately), offers a stylish design and storage space for aquarium equipment.
The updated cabinet features a gloss finish in your chosen colour (black or white) and a push lock system that eliminates the need for handles.


Dimensions of cabinet: 62 x 39 x 76cm