Aqua One AquaStyle 850/980/980T & UFO 700 Powerhead (10684)

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This powerhead is designed to fit in the Aqua One AquaStyle 850/980/980T & UFO 700 aquarium. 

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This powerhead is designed to fit in the Aqua One AquaStyle 850/980/980T & UFO 700 aquarium. The Aqua One AquaStyle 850/980/980T & UFO 700 Powerhead is a compact and efficient water pump designed to improve water circulation and oxygenation in your freshwater aquarium. This versatile powerhead creates a gentle current, simulating natural water movement and promoting a healthy aquatic environment for your fish, plants, and invertebrates.


  • Increased Water Circulation: The powerhead generates a powerful yet adjustable water flow, ensuring proper circulation throughout your aquarium. This helps to:
    • Prevent stagnant water zones
    • Distribute nutrients and oxygen evenly
    • Remove waste products effectively
  • Submersible Design: Fully submersible construction allows for versatile placement within your aquarium, enabling you to create customized water flow patterns.
  • Compact Size: The powerhead's small footprint makes it ideal for use in aquariums of various sizes, including smaller tanks where space might be limited.
  • Low Maintenance: The impeller design minimizes debris build-up, reducing the need for frequent cleaning. However, regular maintenance is still recommended.


  • Improved Water Quality: Enhanced water circulation helps maintain optimal water parameters by effectively removing waste products and distributing oxygen and nutrients throughout the tank.
  • Healthy Fish and Plants: Proper water flow provides a healthy environment for your fish, promoting good health and growth. Additionally, some fish species thrive in areas with stronger currents.
  • Reduced Stagnant Zones: Eliminates stagnant water areas that can harbor harmful bacteria and contribute to poor water quality.
  • Easy Installation and Use: Submersible design and adjustable flow control ensure a user-friendly experience for both setup and operation.

Note: It's recommended to regularly clean the AquaStyle 850/980/980T & UFO 700 Powerhead to prevent debris buildup and ensure optimal performance. Always unplug the unit before performing any maintenance or cleaning.