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Aqua One Betta 7 Day Feeder 2 Tablets






  • Description

Let Aqua One take care of your Betta fish while you are away on holidays, with Aqua One Betta 7 Days Feed tablet.

Specially formulated to slowly dissolve and release quality fish food for your Betta fish while you are away.
Aqua One takes the worry out of leaving your beloved pets behind while on vacation!

Features & Benefits:

  • One tablet will feed your fish for up to one week 
  • Made from quality fish food
  • Takes the hassle out of organising family and friends to come around to feed your fish while you are gone

2 Tablets

Suitable For:


Use one tablet to feed an average sized fighter fish for approximately one week.
Each quadrant of the tablet will feed your fish for a maximum of two days.


Place the tablet in your aquarium away from the filtration system.
The tablet will start to dissolve, the rate of dispersion will vary as it can depend of variables such as pH, water volume and water temperature.
It is recommended that first time users should trial them before the vacation to establish the optimum dosage rate according to the tank circumstances.
Remove all traces of the remaining block upon returning home.


These tablets are recommended only as a temporary food supply.
It should not be used as a permanent source of nutrition for your fish.
All fish benefit from a 25% fortnightly water change.