Aqua One Betta Gravel Glass Blue 350g

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Aqua One Betta Glass Gravel contains the perfect amount to set up a small Siamese Fighting Fish tank.

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Give your betta fish a vibrant and stimulating environment with the Aqua One Betta Gravel!
This decorative gravel is specifically designed for betta tanks, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits.

  • Safe for Bettas: Made from aquarium-safe glass, this gravel won't harm your betta fish or alter the water chemistry in your tank.
  • Smooth Texture: The smooth texture of the gravel is gentle on your betta's fins and prevents them from getting snagged or torn.

Easy to Use and Maintain:

  • Easy Rinsing: The gravel is easy to rinse before adding it to your aquarium, ensuring a clean and debris-free environment.
  • Simple Maintenance: The smooth surface of the gravel makes it easier to clean your tank during routine maintenance.

Create a Betta Paradise:
Aqua One Betta Gravel Glass Blue is the perfect choice for betta enthusiasts who want to create a visually appealing and healthy environment for their beloved fish.

Additional Tips:

  • Combine this blue gravel with live plants or other decorative elements to create a natural and stimulating environment for your betta.
  • Regularly clean your gravel to remove waste buildup and maintain water quality.
  • Choose a substrate that complements the size and colour of your betta fish.

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