Aqua One BT 10 Betta Aquarium (10L) BLACK

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10 litres
The Aqua One BT range provides everthing you need to create the ideal environment for a Betta Fish.

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10 Litres

The Aqua One BT 10 Betta Aquarium is the perfect home for your betta fish.
This stylish aquarium comes with everything you need to get started.

The curved glass design provides 180° views of your fish, and the removable lid makes it easy to access for maintenance.


  • 5w LED light
  • Heater
  • Filter

The 5w LED light provides bright and efficient lighting, which enhances the colors of your fish and their surroundings.
The heater maintains a consistent temperature of 25°C, which is ideal for betta fish.
The filter helps to keep the water clean and free of debris.


Model: Aqua One BT10
Capacity: 10 Litres
Size: 25.5x21x26cm
Filter Flow Rate: 100 LPH (2.5w Power)
Light: LED 5w
Heater: 25w

Suitable For: Betta, Shrimp, Small Tropicals, Small Coldwater