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Aqua One ChemiZee Zeolite Ammonia Remover

Prices start from $10.65






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Aqua One ChemiZee removes harmful ammonia from your aquarium water and is suitable for all types of filtration.


Suitable for use in freshwater only. Will not activate in saltwater. 


ChemiZee is made from Zeolite, a natural mineral formed when volcanic ash settles on water beds in oceans and lakes. Zeolite is highly porous, allowing water to pass through the stone where a chemical exchange takes place and ammonia is removed.


ChemiZee can be used in your filtration system all the time, however the chemical exchange properties of Zeolite (uses charged ions) means that Zeolite has a use life. The life of Zeolite can be monitored by the use of an ammonia test kit. If ammonia concentrations are present or increasing, it means it is time to replace the Zeolite.


ChemiZee should be rinsed in aquarium water before you place it in your filtration system. Simply remove a small amount of water from your aquarium, rinse the Zeolite in it and place it in your filter.