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Aqua One Coral Aragonite 5kg





  • Description

Aqua One Pacific Coral Aragonite is an ideal substrate for your saltwater aquarium. 
Aragonite maximises filtration capacity.
The enormous surface area houses large quantities of beneficial bacterial nitrifying/denitrifying bacteria and millions of microbes.

Buffering capability ensures a stable alkalinity and pH level at around 8.2 in sea water and cichlid aquariums.
Pacific Coral Aragonite quickly creates a naturalbiological balance which discourages the growth of nuisance algae.

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides a natural sand bed which enhances nitrification and denitrification facilitated by benthic bacteria and other sand bed microbes
  • Helps achieve a natural biological balance in aquariums
  • Provides enhancing buffering capacity, diminishing any pH fluctuation
  • 100% Marine Aragonite

Suitable for: Marine & Cichlid.