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Aqua One Freshwater pH Test Kit







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What is pH? One of the major factors which determines good water quality is pH, which is the measure of acidity/ alkalinity in aquarium water.


Neutral water has a pH of 7

Acidic water has a pH between 0 and 6.9 

Alkaline water has a pH between 7.1 - 14


Use this test kit, to determine the pH your aquarium. This will ensure that proper adjustments can be made.


60 Tests

Testing range = 4.5 - 10 pH

Suitable for freshwater only.


Test kit includes:

1x 15ml pH test solution

1x plastic test tube

1x instructions

1x laminated colour chart

Fill test tube to the 5ml mark (as indicated on the tube) and holding the test solution vertically, add 7 drops. Cap the lid and swirl the test tube to mix. A reading can be taken immediately. 


Adjusters sold separately.