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Aqua One Glass Heater 300w





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High quality and economical heaters that are completely submersible with double insulation. Complete with heater thermostat with easy to use temperature settings, easy to read temperature guide and automatic shut off and 'on' light. 


Features a simple to adjust temperature control, ranging from 20°-34°


Suitable for use in Coldwater, Tropical and Marine aquariums.

Model Rec. Aquarium Volume Height cm
25W 25L 19.5 cm
55W 55L 23.2 cm
100W 100L 24.5 cm
150W 150L 27.2 cm
200W 200L 32.2 cm
300W 300L 37.5 cm


Never remove the heater from the aquarium when it is turned on. Once installed, allow 10-15 minutes before turning the heater on, and allow the same amount of time before removing the heater from the aquarium.


Cable length of all heaters = 1.8 metres.