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Aqua One MagiClean 1.9m





Product Description

1.9 Metre long flexible hose cleaner brush made of firm nylon.


No more dirty pipes and hoses! Aqua One MagiClean does the job for you. Clean off the dirt and slime deposits from inside your hoses and filter pipes, reducing the likelihood of water contamination and unsightly algae deposits, ensuring you have a sparkling clean aquarium.


Suitable for cold water, tropical and marine.


FOR BEST RESULTS: Flush the hose you intend to clean with hot water to loosen the deposits. Feed the tail end of the cleaner through the hose. Once the tail end had passed through the hose, pull the hose cleaner through to clean the hose. Try to have the hose as straight as possible, as this will reduce the resistance on the cleaner making it easier to pull the hose through.