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Aqua One Scraper MultiClean Tool Extendable

Prices start from $24.70




  • Description

3 in 1 maintenance tool includes a stainless steel scraper and soft polishing pad on an extendable handle to clean glass and tidy gravel without getting your hands wet.


INCLUDES:Stainless steel scraper: For scraping stubborn algae from glass aquariums (not to be used on acrylic aquariums).


Soft polishing pad: For cleaning walls of glass and acrylic aquariums.


Gravel rake: For tidying gravel displaced by fish activities or gravel cleaning.


Suitable for cold water, tropical and marine aquariums.


LENGTH: up to 85cm




To change scrapers, press the release button and pull scraper out of handle. Rinse with tap water after use and ensure stainless steel blade is dry before storing.