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Aqua One pH Down

Prices start from $7.80




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Maintaining the proper pH of aquarium water is important to ensure a healthy environment. Changes in pH can be caused by the breakdown of waste or local tap water with low pH or low alkalinity.


Use Aqua One pH Down to reduce the pH level in your aquarium and to make the water more acidic.


Powder formula.

Using the 2g spoon provided, measure the desired amount of pH Down into a clean plastic container. eg use 2g of pH Down per 40L of water to lower the pH by 0.4 per 24 hour period. 


Once the desired amount has been placed into the container, place some aquarium water into the contained and mix until dissolved. Once dissolved add the mixture to your aquarium slowly over a 15 minute period. Avoid pouring the mixture near the filter inlet or directly over fish. Instead pour the mixture near the outlet of your filtration system.