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Aqua One Pro Vac (12") 30cm





  • Description

The Aqua One ProVac gravel cleaner is the fastest and most effective way to perform aquarium water changes.

These gravel cleaners quickly remove both waste and water from the aquarium, so all that’s left to do is top up with fresh, conditioned water.

The ProVac is available in three sizes to suit most aquarium depths, and features a priming bulb handle – so your hands stay dry and out of the aquarium.

The ProVac makes aquarium maintenance easy for you – and great for your fish!

Features and Benefits:

• 45° outlet
• In line priming bulb
• Gravel filter
• Helps to prevent the hose from kinking
• Makes starting easy
• Prevents gravel escaping into the bucket

Suitable for: Coldwater, Tropical and Marine