Aqua One Scrub 'N' Clean Algae Pad (Duo Pack)

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Combat unsightly algae growth and keep your aquarium sparkling clean with the Aqua One Scrub 'N' Clean Algae Pad.
This Duo Pack provides two distinct algae pads, catering to various cleaning tasks:

  • Regular Pad (Fine): This fine-grade sponge pad is ideal for everyday cleaning and gentle removal of light algae buildup on glass aquarium surfaces.
  • Heavy Duty Pad (Coarse): For stubborn algae patches or heavily fouled areas, the coarse pad offers superior scrubbing power without damaging your aquarium glass.
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The Aqua One Scrub 'N' Clean Algae Pad Duo Pack provides the perfect one-two punch for conquering unsightly algae growth in your aquarium. This convenient duo pack includes two distinct pads, each catering to different cleaning needs, ensuring a spotless and healthy aquatic environment.

Unveiling the Cleaning Power:

  • Fine Pad for Delicate Cleaning: The fine-grade sponge of the Regular Pad gently removes algae buildup from glass aquarium surfaces without causing scratches. It's perfect for routine maintenance and cleaning delicate decorations.
  • Heavy Duty Pad for Stubborn Algae: The Heavy Duty Pad features a coarser texture, ideal for scrubbing away stubborn algae patches and maintaining a pristine appearance in your tank.
  • Safe for Multiple Aquariums: The Aqua One Scrub 'N' Clean Algae Pads are suitable for use in cold water, tropical, and marine aquariums with glass construction. They are also gentle enough to avoid scratching acrylic aquariums, offering versatility for various tank setups.

Effortless Cleaning for a Thriving Aquarium:

  • Simply choose the appropriate pad (Fine or Heavy Duty) based on the severity of the algae buildup.
  • Gently scrub the algae-affected areas within your aquarium using an up and down action, the algae on your aquarium glass will disappear.
  • For best results keep the Scrub 'N' Clean Algae Pad flat and in contact with the glass when cleaning.
  • Do not concentrate the Scrub 'N' Clean Algae Pad in one spot and ensure there is no gravel in between the pad and the glass.
  • Rinse the pad thoroughly with clean water after each use.
  • Maintain a regular cleaning routine to prevent algae from taking hold and keep your aquarium sparkling clear.


  • 1x Regular (Fine) Algae Pad
  • 1x Heavy Duty (Coarse) Algae Pad

Additional Tip:
Clean your aquarium glass on a regular basis, in extreme cases clean the glass prior to doing a water change and remove the algae whilst siphoning your aquarium.

Size Dimensions (L x W x H) cm
Small 7 x 2 x 10 cm

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