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AQUAPRO Rectangular Feature Poly Pond 1600


Product Description


The perfect way to finish off your outdoor sitting area is to install an eye pleasing water feature using the Aquapro Rectangular pond as the water reservoir.
Every living creature is genetically programmed to enjoy and relax with the sound of running water.
Using the Aquapro rectangular feature pond, you can start to create your dream outdoor area by incorporating a stunning water feature into it.
The Aquapro rectangular ponds are to be installed below ground, so the earth can support the sidewalls once filled with water.
The pond can also be used to host fish or even aquatic plants to recreate a living water garden.
If you prefer a soil garden to a water garden, no problem, these rectangular ponds have even been used as garden beds for hydroponic set-ups and even veggie patch’s.
The one pond, many, many uses.


  • Great for Formal Designs
  • Below ground installation
  • Made in the USA


Size: 1530 x 760 (+ 60 Lip) x 300mm

Volume: 340L