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Aquasonic Bactonex

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Aquasonic BACTONEX assists in the prevention of bacterial, fungal and protozoal (Velvet, whitespot, chilodonella, Trichodina & Trichodinella) infections in fresh and salt water fish. Ideal for use when water changes are performed as a general purpose prophylactic treatment, when new fish are added and in quarantine systems.

High standards of aquarium management must be maintained to prevent disease, as often disease outbreaks can be attributed to poor management practices.

Use caution when dosing BACTONEX in aquaria containing Blue Corallimorphs and Sea Urchins, as they may be adversely affected when treating with BACTONEX.

Australian Made Australian Owned

Dose Rate: Add 10mL of BACTONEX per 40L of total system water. Ensure aquarium is well aerated during treatment period, turn off skimmers and remove carbon during treatment period. DO NOT OVERDOSE.

Repeat dosing can be applied after 5 days of treatment period. It is advised to perform a 50% water change prior to re-dosing the product.

Product contains a dye, which will stain if spilled.

Australian Made Australian Owned