Aquasonic Brine Shrimp Eggs 10g

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Premium grade GSL (90% hatch rate). Hatch your own brine shrimp at home as a stable food source for your aquatic pets.

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Premium grade GSL (90% hatch rate).
Hatch your own brine shrimp at home as a stable food source of live food ideal for feeding fry (baby fish) and small fish species. Packed with protein and essential nutrients, brine shrimp eggs are a staple food for many aquarists.

The Hatching Powerhouse:

  • Essential for Fry Development: Brine shrimp nauplii (hatched baby brine shrimp) are the perfect first food for newborn fish. Their small size is ideal for tiny fish mouths, promoting healthy growth and development.
  • Nutrient-Rich Live Food: Brine shrimp offer a complete source of protein, essential fatty acids, and other vital nutrients crucial for the health and vitality of your fish.
  • Enhances Color and Activity: The natural pigments in brine shrimp can enhance the vibrant colors of your fish and contribute to their overall activity level.

Easy to Hatch and Use:

  1. Hatching: Hatch Brine Shrimp eggs in salt water (sg. 1.023 at 25°C). Use one level scoop of eggs per 250ml of saltwater. Aeration is recommended. Hatching will commence in 24-48 hours.
  2. Feeding: Once hatched, feed the brine shrimp nauplii to your fish immediately. You can use a net or small syringe to target feed fry or smaller fish.
  3. Storage: Store the unhatched brine shrimp eggs in a cool, dry place for future use.

Suitable for a Variety of Fish:

  • Fry of all fish species
  • Small fish such as guppies, tetras, and dwarf cichlids
  • Coral and filter feeders in saltwater aquariums

A Staple for Every Aquarist:
Aquasonic Brine Shrimp Eggs are a must-have for any aquarium owner breeding fish or keeping small fish species. 

Additional Tips:

  • Brine shrimp nauplii are best used within 24 hours of hatching for optimal nutritional value.
  • You can enrich the nauplii with additional nutrients before feeding them to your fish.

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