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Aquasonic Para Gone

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Para-Gone tablets aid in the control of most external parasites in goldfish, tropical and marine aquarium fish.


Can be used to treat: Fish lice, skin and gill Flukes and Anchorworm. Does not aid the treatment of bacterial and viral infections.


WHEN TO USE: Fish rubbing and scratching on objects is often indicative of parasitic infestations.

Do not use on fish intended for human consumption.


Use 1 tablet per 40L of aquarium water. For fish lice and Flukes, repeat the treatment after 7 days until all signs of infestation are gone. During treatment it is advisable to keep the temperature of the aquarium water at 25°C and to maintain the pH between 6-7. For Anchorworms follow the above treatment regime but repeat treatments at 5 days intervals until all adults are killed. A colder water temperature of 20°C allows treatment to be repeated at 12 day intervals.


NOTE: Do not treat marine invertebrates (shellfish and anemones). Remove them from aquaria and wait 5 days after last treatment before returning.