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Aquatronica Starter Kit (Aquarium Controller Evolution)







  • Description
  • Specifications

AQUARIUM CONTROLLER EVOLUTION is a central unit control which allows user to configure all electrical settings present in an aquarium and to monitor all its parameters.

Suitable for use in both soft and salt water aquariums.
 This device is able to:
•    Check all interfacing programs and peripherals for chemical tracking
•    Manage aquarium settings
•    Shows gathered data

Its modern and operational design, its numerous functions and application make the Aquarium Controller a furnishing object yet an essential control device.
Its main feature is PC reprogramming allowing to keep all functions up to date and implement them in the future.
The graphic dispaly features optimal programming, constant revision of gathered data and monitoring trend graphics time line.


Management of one or more aquariums:

It is possible to create a system consisting of one control unit and several Power Units (up to ten). This enables the user to manage several aquariums at the same time, even if they are very different from each other.

Manual plugs control (from 6 to 80 sockets):

The user can manually control each individual plug of the system. This makes it possible to do any kind of maintenance without having to physically disconnect the utilities.

Multi-timer function on each plug (from 16 to 160 programmes):

Through the Power Unit this function controls the automatic activation and deactivation of pumps, neon and incandescent lights, skimmers and any other equipment.

Wave Effect:

This function alternately activates two or even three pumps in repeating cycles, and can also be programmed with an alternating pause if desired.

Tide Effect:

This function alternately activates two pumps with fixed cycles of 6.15 hours each (tide time).

Summer function:

This function powers the heating cable underneath the gravel at intervals of 5 minutes/h during the periods in which it would normally not be used (summer).

Power Cut Controls:

This function records the duration of a power outage. If an outage lasts for more than an hour, the outputs selected during its programming will remain deactivated when the power returns.

Acoustic and visual alarms:

It is possible to set one or more alarms to warn the user in the event of an abnormality.

Electronic agenda:

To organise routine or special maintenance. This function allows the user to save reminders that can be repeated in cycles at any time; an acoustic and visual signal will be activated at the set time.

Reading and monitoring parameters:

Temperature (with supplied sensor)- Level - pH- Redox – Fresh Water Conductivity - Marine Density and Water Leakage. This feature allows the user to measure and display (using the appropriate sensors and interfaces) the values of the Temperature, Level, pH, Redox, Freshwater Conductivity and Marine Density. Based on the values the user can modify the state of the plugs, by turning the connected utilities on or off.

Automatic identification of connected devices (Plug and Play):

This function automatically detects any original Aquatronica accessory connected to the system, and automatically enables the relevant menu.

PC connection:

This function allows the user to connect the system to a PC, which makes setting programs faster and easier. With this interface the user can back-up the data recorded by the system for future analysis.

Reprogrammable software

This makes it possible to continuously update the software of the control unit, a feature which places this product above all other in its category: using a PC connection the user can update the controller with functions which were unavailable at the time of purchase, without having to replace any components in the system.


This function allows you to control and program any dimmerable equipment connected to the system, such as 0-10 V light modules or dimming modules for reciprocating pumps. The light modules can be used to adjust the neon light on/off times and intensity, reproducing dawn and dusk effects. The dimming modules can be used to control reciprocating pumps, reproducing the dimmerable effects of waves or tides.


Thanks to the connectivity modules, the system can be monitored in remote mode. The Ethernet module allows you to monitor data readings via a web page and receive an email warning if any alarms are triggered. The sms module allows you to interrogate the control unit regarding the data readings and communicate from/to mobile phones if an alarm is triggered.

Included in this kit:

1x Aquarium Controller Evolution

1x Power unit with 8 sockets

1x pH electrode

1x Temperature sensor

1x Level sensor