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Australian Black Worms (Loose) Bag 100g





Product Description

These worms are native to many parts of the world and ours come from the clean waters of an old trout farm in Australia. This farm became the site of Australian Blackworm's farm. Raised in a protected environment in large indoor troughs.


These worms are harvested, flash frozen, and then they are freeze dried through a process that locks in all their natural goodness and nutrition. Freeze Dried Australian Black Worms store easily at room temperature and are eagerly taken by many species of fish.


They may be fed as a treat, staple meal, or breeding conditioner. Freeze Dried Australian Black Worms are often taken by the most finicky fish. Freeze Dried Australian Black worms are 100% all natural. No Preservatives are used in the processing of these worms.

Freeze Dried Australian Black worms have an excellent nutritional profile..and have a high protein to
fat ratio: [ Dry weight] Crude Protein 66.35% Crude Fat 13.87% Crude Fibre 0.24% Moisture 3%