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Bashsea Signature Series 36" Acrylic Sump (SS36)







  • Description
  • Specifications

A sump is a secondary tank that is set-up and linked into a main display tank as an option for placing equipment, as well as providing filtration for the main tank. 


The most diverse and techically engineered life support system the aquarium industry has ever offered.


Perfect was not good enough so Bashsea created the Signature Series!



  • Increases total water volume
  • Provides a place for equipment and filtration
  • Keeps the surface of the water free of contaminants
  • Aerates the water
  • Simplifies water changes
  • Keeps the water level stable in the display tank
  • All sumps has lasered cutouts for power cable management and pre drilled holes for dosing line tubes
  • Full lasered cut baffles, with height adjustable slides to set the water height within the centre chamber
  • Ample area for small media reactors and or a live refugium
  • Constructed from acyrlic


Available in 2 colour ways:

Red + Black

Blue + Black

Model Dimensions


(Cast Body & Trim)

Drains Sock Size Skimmer Section Refuge Section Return Section Cord Outlets Dosing Outlets
SS36 92 x 38 x 41 cm 10mm 2x 5 cm 18 cm 52 x 36 cm n/a 15 x 22 cm 3 2 x 4
SS48 122 x 38 x 41 cm 10mm 2x 5 cm 3x 10 cm 40 x 36 cm 36 x 36 cm 15 x 22 cm 5 3 x 4