Bioloark LED Luminaire DX03 3w

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165mm x 300mm

The Bioloark LED Luminaire TF03 3W is a sleek and efficient lighting solution designed specifically for micro-landscape terrariums.
This stylish lamp combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, providing the perfect light source for nurturing a variety of moss, succulent, and seedling varieties within your miniature world.

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The Bioloark LED Luminaire TF03 3W is a sleek and functional lamp specifically designed to illuminate your Bioloark Glass Cup or other micro-landscape terrariums. Combining aesthetics with functionality, this LED light provides optimal growing conditions for your miniature plants, mosses, and succulents.

Unveiling the Bioloark TF03's Brilliance:

  • Targeted Illumination: The focussed beam from the LED ensures your micro-landscape receives the necessary light for healthy growth and vibrant colours.
  • Elegant Design: The black base and lamp boast a stylish and contemporary design, seamlessly complementing any home décor while putting the spotlight on your miniature garden.
  • Ideal for Wabi-Kusa: The Bioloark TF03 is specifically designed for the Bioloark Glass Cup, creating a harmonious aesthetic for your Wabi-Kusa setup.
  • Suitable for Various Micro-Landscapes: This LED luminaire is also perfect for illuminating other micro-landscapes, terrariums, and even seedling trays.
  • Efficient Power Consumption: The low-wattage (3W) LED technology provides energy-saving operation while delivering sufficient light for your miniature plants.
  • Integrated Cooling Fan: The built-in fan prevents the LED from overheating, ensuring long-lasting performance and a safe environment for your plants.
  • Easy Operation: A convenient touch switch on the top of the lamp allows for effortless control of the light.
  • Organized Cable Management: The cable routing feature at the back of the luminaire keeps cords neat and tidy, maintaining the clean aesthetics of your setup.
  • USB Powered: The Bioloark TF03 is powered by a USB-A connection, offering flexibility in terms of power source selection (USB adapter not included).

Bioloark TF03: Benefits for Your Miniature World:

  • Promotes Plant Growth: The targeted LED light spectrum encourages healthy growth and vibrant colouration in your micro-landscape plants.
  • Enhances Visual Appeal: The focused illumination accentuates the beauty of your miniature garden, transforming it into a captivating focal point.
  • Space-Saving Design: The hanging design maximizes space within your terrarium or display area.
  • Low Maintenance: The integrated fan and energy-efficient LED technology minimize maintenance requirements.

Additional Features:

  • Compact and lightweight, making it suitable for terrariums of different sizes.

Embrace the Art of Miniature Gardening:
The Bioloark LED Luminaire TF03 3W is an essential tool for cultivating a thriving microcosm. With its elegant design, efficient lighting, and user-friendly features, this innovative lamp allows you to nurture miniature plants, mosses, and succulents while creating a visually stunning display in your home.

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