Bioloark LED Luminaire DX5B 5w

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220mm x 170mm

The Bioloark LED Luminaire DX5B 5w is a premium lighting solution designed specifically for terrariums. Offering exceptional clarity, exceptional colour rendering, and adjustable height, this innovative lamp allows you to nurture thriving plant life and create a visually stunning focal point in your indoor environment.

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The Bioloark LED Luminaire DX5B 5w is a premium lighting solution designed specifically for terrariums. This innovative lamp boasts exceptional features that promote healthy plant growth while creating a visually stunning aesthetic within your miniature world.

Unveiling the DX5B's Brilliance:

  • Targeted Plant Growth: The DX5B utilizes a high-quality white LED with a 7000K-8000K colour temperature, mimicking natural sunlight and providing the ideal spectrum for optimal plant growth and vibrant colour enhancement.
  • Crystal-Clear Illumination: The DX5B features a high colour Rendering Index (CRI), ensuring the natural colours of your terrarium plants are showcased in stunning detail.
  • Sharp and Focused Beam: The integrated lens concentrates the light output, delivering a focused and round light beam that beautifully illuminates your terrarium landscape.
  • Effortless Control: The touch sensor switch allows for convenient on/off operation with a simple tap.
  • Adjustable Height: The DX5B boasts an adjustable height mechanism, ranging from 25cm to 45cm. This versatility caters to terrariums of various sizes, ensuring optimal light coverage for your plants.
  • Sleek and Modern Design: The DX5B's base measures 220mm x 170mm, offering a compact and space-saving design that complements the aesthetics of your terrarium.
  • More Than Just Terrariums: While ideal for terrariums, the DX5B's features make it suitable for various indoor applications where targeted plant growth and focused lighting are desired.

Invest in Targeted Brilliance:
The Bioloark LED Luminaire DX5B 5w is an excellent choice for hobbyists seeking to cultivate a thriving and visually captivating terrarium environment. With its focus on plant growth, exceptional clarity, and user-friendly design, the DX5B empowers you to create a flourishing miniature world that stands out from the rest.

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