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Bioscape Tropic Air Pump 8000





  • Description

Quad Outlet with 4 Check Valves
4@180 litres of air per 
Suitable for < 100-600Litres

Bioscape Air Pumps are designed to increase water movement in aquariums for proper oxygenation.

A powerful and consistent airflow whilst maintaining silent operation and included with the air pump is a check valve for an overall effective result.

  • Energy Efficient Motor
  • Ultra Quiet Operation
  • Powerful & Reliable
  • For Fresh or Marine
  • Bonus Check Valve for Each Outlet

Using an Air Pump without CheckValve
The Air Pump needs to be placed higher than the aquarium to prevent water siphoning in the event of a power failure.

Using an Air Pump with CheckValve
The Air Pump can be place lower than the aquarium, like in the cabinet.  The check valve with prevent water siphoning in the event of a power outage.

  Model     Wattage     Outlet     Air Per Hour    MPa 
1000 2W 1 60L/per hour >0.010
2000 3W 1 138L/per hour >0.012
4000 4W 2 x @ 180L/per hour >0.014
8000 8W 4 x @ 180L/per hour >0.016