Blagdon Pro UVC 16200

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For ponds up to 16,200L
Effective UV clarifier that is ideal for ponds up to 16,200 liters

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8100 L/H
For ponds up to 16,200 Litres

The Blagdon Pro UVC 16200 is a powerful and effective UV clarifier that is ideal for ponds up to 16,200 liters (4,270 gallons).
It features a high-wattage compact UV lamp system that enables twice the UV light output as linear lamps, making it more effective at killing algae and improving water clarity.

Twice the UV Output
Advanced power compact UV lamp system enables twice the UV light output in the same installation area compared to conventional linear lamps.

Low Running Costs
Low pump back pressure contact chamber combined with efficient power compact UV lamp.

All Fittings Supplied
Multi hose tails to fit all standard hoses and solvent weld 38mm pipe work adapters included.

Flexible Modular Design
Any number of Blagdon professional UVC units can be connected together via optional wide bore link pipes.
Unique linking system enables simple future expansion to meet your needs.


  • 18w power compact UVC lamp
  • Fixing brackets, wall plugs and screws
  • Weatherproof outdoor use transformer
  • 5m of cable
  • 19mm, 25mm, 32mm and 38mm hose adaptors
  • 38mm female solvent weld sockets, socket I.D 43mm
  • Integrated UV light indicator window

Calculate the volume of your Pond:
Average length (m) x average width (m) x average depth (m) x 1000 = Litre Pond volume

Wattage: 18w
Pond in full sunlight: 12,150 Litres
Shallow pond under 75cm: 12,159 Litres
Pond in full sunlight and shallow: 9112 Litres
Recommended hose size: 38mm
Recommended solvent weld pipe work: 38mm
Hz: 50Hz