Blue Planet Bubbilo Oxyshell

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Helps maintain balanced and healthy fishbowls and aquariums
The greater the acidity, the faster the Oxy-Shell will be exhausted

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Blue Planet Bubbilo Oxyshell is a natural, oxygenating product that helps to maintain balanced pH levels in aquariums and fishbowls.

It is made from a unique blend of minerals that react with the water, releasing oxygen and neutralizing acidity.

Dissolves relative to water conditions.
The greater the acidity, the faster the Oxy-Shell will be exhausted.

How does it work?

When you place the Oxyshell in your aquarium, it will begin to react with the water.
The minerals in the Oxyshell will release oxygen into the water, which will help to improve the overall health of your fish.
The Oxyshell will neutralize acidity, which can help to prevent problems such as fish diseases and algae blooms.

How to use it:

Simply place the Oxyshell in your aquarium and let it do its work.
The Oxyshell will last for several weeks, depending on the size of your tank and the acidity of the water.


  • Improves oxygen levels in the water
  • Neutralizes acidity