Blue Planet Rapid White Spot Remedy 50ml

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A broad spectrum remedy for White Spot & Velvet disease in coldwater and tropical freshwater fish.

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Blue Planet Rapid White Spot Remedy is a broad-spectrum medication that is effective in eliminating white spot (ichthyophthirius multifiliis), velvet disease (oodinium spp.), and fungal disease in goldfish, freshwater and tropical freshwater fish.

This product works by killing the parasites that cause white spot disease.
It is a fast-acting remedy that can usually clear up an infection within 3 days.

  • Remove activated carbon from your aquarium filter.
  • Repeat the treatment after 3 days.

Do not overdose. Overdosing can be harmful to your fish.

Blue Planet Rapid White Spot Remedy is safe to use with most aquarium fish.
However, it is not recommended for use with scaleless fish or fry.

White Spot is a common fish parasite that can be introduced via new fish, plants or can appear when fish are stressed either from temperature change or a change in environement.

These parasites appear as small white spots (pin head size) on the fish's body fins. Unless prompt action is taken, fatalities will occur.