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Blue Planet Snail Rid 125ml


  • Description
  • Directions

Blue Planet Snail Rid is formulated to control the snail population in freshwater aquariums. Many species of freshwater snails are commonly introduced into aquariums through plants and can rapidly build up in numbers.


Rinsing all new plants in running water before adding to the aquarium is recommended to prevent infestation.


Active constituent: 1g/L copper present as copper sulphate. 


If temporarily removing catfish or shrimp from aquarium whilst treating, test the water for copper before re-introducing livestock back into the aquarium. 

Do not use in aquariums with soft water (less than 50ppm) as this product is toxic to fish in soft water and incorrect use can lead to fatalities of fish. Before using this product remove activated carbon media from the filtration system for the duration of treatment.


DOSE RATES: Do not overdose. For hard water (more than 50ppm carbonate hardness) use at the rate of 1ml per 4 litres or 5ml per 20 litres of aquarium water. Repeat the treatment after 3 days.