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Blue Planet Tri-Sulfa 100 Tablets





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  • Directions

Blue Planet Tri- Sulfa tablets are a useful aid against common aquarium ailments like White Spot, Mouth and Body Fungus, and Fin and Tail Rot, amongst others. Dissolve the tablet separately before adding it to the tank.

An aid in the control of the following aquarium fish diseases:

  • White Spot
  • Mouth and Body Fungus
  • Fin and Tail Rot
  • External Bacterial Diseases

Each Tablet contains:-

  • 153.5mg Sulfadizine
  • 154.7mg Sulfadiamidine
  • 154.1mg Sulfamerazine as the monosodium salts

Dosage:- 1 Tablet per 40 liters - pre-disolve in a disposable cap - (for severe infestation 1 tablet per 20 liters)

Remove Carbon when treating.