Blue Planet Tri-Sulfa 15 Tablets

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Blue Planet Tri- Sulfa tablets are a useful aid against common aquarium ailments like White Spot, Mouth and Body Fungus, and Fin and Tail Rot, amongst others. Dissolve the tablet separately before adding it to the tank.

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Blue Planet Tri-Sulfa is a broad-spectrum remedy for fish that is effective on a variety of common diseases, including white spot, mouth and body fungus, fin and tail rot, and other external bacterial diseases.
Comes in tablet form and is easy to use.
Simply dissolve one tablet per 40 liters of aquarium water and treat for the recommended period of time.

Overall, Blue Planet Tri-Sulfa is a good option for common fish diseases.
It is effective, safe, and affordable.
However, it is important to note that it may not be effective for all fish diseases.

Here are some additional tips for using Blue Planet Tri-Sulfa:

  • Remove any activated carbon from your filter before treating your fish. Activated carbon can remove remedy from the water.
  • Do not over-dose your fish. Follow the directions on the label carefully.
  • Monitor your fish closely. If you see any signs of illness, stop dosing.