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Aqua One Goldfish Conditioning Salts 500g







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Fish absorb a number of vital minerals through their skin and gills. Aqua One Conditioning Goldfish Salts replenish natural minerals that are deficient in tap water as well as minerals that are removed from aquarium water by plants and other fish.


These salts help to ensure the long term health of aquarium fish while replicating conditions found in natural waterways.


Suitable for coldwater aquariums.

Add 2g (1 level spoon as supplied) of salt per 10L of water into a clean plastic container. Place some aquarium water from your aquarium into the plastic container and stir to mix the solution. Once dissolved, add the mixture to your aquarium slowly, over a 15 minute period. Avoid pouring the mixture near the filter inlet or directly onto fish. Instead pour the mixture near the outlet of your filtration system. 

This product may cause a slight increase in pH and it is recommended that the pH is checked after adding condition salts.

Conditioning salts do no evaporate or degrade in the aquarium. When performing a water change, only add an amount of salt for the quantity of water that is being replaced. ie if 20L of water is being changed in a 100L tank only 4g of conditioning salts should be added.