Closed End Breeding Log - Large

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Realistic looking aquarium ornaments are a quick and easy way to add colour or change the look of your tank.
NOTE: Colours selected at random.


  • Height: 8cm
  • Width: 8.5cm
  • Length: 21cm

This beautifully hand-painted log provides a safe and secure hiding place for your fish, helping to reduce stress and promote breeding.
The closed end makes it ideal for fish that are shy or spawning, and the intricate details and natural-looking finish will make your aquarium look stunning.

The log is made from high-quality polyresin, which is lightweight and durable, and it has a weighted base to keep it in place.
It is also aquarium safe and non-toxic, so you can be sure that your fish will be safe and healthy.

The Kazoo closed-end breeding log is a great addition to any aquarium, and it will provide your fish with a place to hide, relax, and breed.


  • Closed end for added security
  • Hand-painted with intricate details
  • Made from lightweight and durable polyresin
  • Weighted base for easy placement
  • Aquarium safe and non-toxic


  • Reduces stress and promotes breeding
  • Makes your aquarium look stunning
  • Safe and healthy for your fish