Bubble Magus Curve 3 Extreme Skimmer

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The Bubble Magus Curve 3 Extreme Protein Skimmer is a powerhouse tool for maintaining exceptional water quality in your marine aquarium.
This efficient protein skimmer effectively removes protein waste and other organic matter, promoting a healthy and thriving environment for your corals and fish.|
Perfect for aquariums 100-300 liters

15cm x 17cm x 42cm

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The Bubble Magus Curve 3 Extreme Protein Skimmer is a high-performance tool designed to maintain exceptional water quality in aquariums ranging from 100 to 300 litres.
This protein skimmer effectively removes protein waste and organic matter, promoting a thriving reef environment for your prized corals and fish.

Unveiling the Power of the Curve 3 Extreme:

  • Compact Footprint: Measuring 150 x 170 x 420 millimeters, the Curve 3 Extreme offers powerful skimming capabilities without sacrificing valuable space within your aquarium setup.
  • Efficient Protein Removal: The skimmer utilizes a powerful ROCK SP1.0 pump (220-240V, 50Hz, 20W) with an air intake of 270 LPH (litres per hour) to efficiently skim away protein waste and organic compounds before they can break down and pollute your aquarium water.
  • Enhanced Reef Health: By maintaining pristine water quality, the Curve 3 Extreme helps to safeguard your delicate corals and fish from harmful toxins, promoting their vibrant health and growth.


  • Model: Curve 3 Extreme
  • Dimensions: 150 x 170 x 420 mm 
  • Suitable for Aquariums: 100-300 L 
  • Pump: ROCK SP1.0 (220-240V, 50Hz, 20W)
  • Air Intake: 270 LPH

Investing in a Thriving Reef:
The Bubble Magus Curve 3 Extreme Protein Skimmer is a valuable investment for reef aquariums of various sizes. Its compact design, powerful protein skimming capabilities, and efficient operation make it an ideal choice for hobbyists seeking to maintain a healthy and vibrant underwater world.

Additional tips:

  • Ensure the skimmer is properly sized for your specific aquarium volume.
  • Maintain a consistent water flow rate within your aquarium for optimal skimmer performance.
  • Regularly clean the collection cup to prevent overflowing and potential nutrient release back into the water.
  • Monitor your protein skimmer's performance and adjust the settings as needed to achieve the desired foam level.

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