Bubbling Coral With Hidden Fish - Medium

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Bring your underwater world to life with these colourful coral featuring ornaments!


  • Height: 11.3 cm
  • Width: 11.5 cm
  • Length: 15.5 cm

Bring your underwater world to life with this colourful Bubbling Coral with Hidden Fish ornament!
This polyresin coral will keep your fish delighted and entertained.
The soft silicone moves with the water, and the premium hand-painted details are incredibly intricate.
Made with lightweight and durable polyresin, this ornament is aquarium safe and non-toxic.
The weighted base ensures easy placement, and the colours pop even more under black light.


  • Soft silicone that moves with the water
  • Premium hand-painted details
  • Made with lightweight and durable polyresin
  • Aquarium safe and non-toxic
  • Weighted base for easy placement
  • Colours pop under black light

Silicone tube is included to attach to air pump.
Air pump not included.
Always rinse ornaments before placing in aquarium.