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Chihiros Scissor Straight 21cm





Product Description

Straight Blade
Length 21cm

The special scissors developed for pruning stemmed plants.
These stylish scissors are functional and easy to handled in the aquarium.

Perfect choice for beginners and advanced aquascapers.

Made of durable 430 stainless steel.

Straight scissors are recommended for trimming smaller bushes and stemplants in the background.
For trimming carpeting plants we recommend using curved scissors.
While the Wave is used for various ways, such as detail trimming with high angled in small tank, and trimming in large area with low angle and trimming for foreground.

There are three types of blade
Straight, Curved and Wavy.

Chihiros Scissor Curved 21cm
Chihiros Scissor Curved 28cm
Chihiros Scissor Wavy 21cm