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Continuum Aquatics Flora Viv Clarion F

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Clarion F is a technologically advanced, premium quality, maximum strength clarifier that immediately and safely begins to flocculate dirt, parasites, and other debris or cloudiness causing particles into clumps that can easily be removed by a good mechanical filter with fine filter floss. It is not an algaecide. It is a high tech, long chain polymer that is safe for sensitive freshwater fish and plants when used as directed.


Clarion F is designed to be used in conjunction with a working mechanical filter, containing a good filtration medium, such as fine filter floss or a fine filter pad or cartridge to remove the clumps that it flocculates. Cloudy water and particularly green water are signs that the aquarium may be overloaded with nutrients. If you have these conditions, treat with Clarion F and then look for the cause, which may be overfeeding of fish food, or overuse of plant fertilisers, or other nutrients which can cause bacteria or algae blooms. Clarion is not meant as a substitute for good maintenance practices. Partial frequent water changes may need to be initiated to get the system back under control. Be sure to clean filter floss or other filtration material regularly when using Clarion F. Decreased water flow from the filter shows that it is plugging up with the large clumps of cloudiness causing particles that Clarion F is flocculating. Clarion F is not designed to clear brown or yellow tinted water. Use Continuum Labyrinth Carbon or Power Cleanse XL for this purpose.

Not for use in marine aquariums!


Important: First use Flora Viv KH+ to adjust alkalinity (or KH) to a minimum of 2 dKH (40 ppm or .75 meq/L). Dilute 1 capful (5 ml) in a cupful of treated purified water for every 200 L of freshwater aquarium water to be treated. Mix thoroughly and disperse around the aquarium in areas of good water flow.


Repeat in 24 hours if necessary. Use while aquarium lights are on and will be on for several hours. Morning or afternoon is best. Do not use at night or on very soft water, below 40 ppm.